Eyes, Valentina Butnarciuc

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Valentina Butnarciuc is an artist with professional artistic skills and a rich experience in organizing cultural events. The art-works of Valentina Butnarciuc were exhibited at solo and group exhibitions (“Eyes”, “S. Lunchevici” National Philharmonic; “ARTELIT” “C. Brâncuşi” Exhibition Center; “Moldovan Artists Supporting Peace” Embassy of Azerbaijan; “Plai Natal” International Art Festival,Chişinău, Republic of Moldova; “Moldovan Masters”, Hungary and Austria; “ZaUdzial w WystawachiPlenereArtystycznym w Polsce 11-22 pazdziernika”, Poland and others.
In addition to the creative activity practiced by Valentina Butnarciuc, she also stands out as an organizer of cultural events in the Republic of Moldova and abroad, acting as an Adviser at ARTELIT Cultural Center in the Republic of Moldova (Group Exhibition “Retrospective”, Artelit Gallery, Chisinau; Group Exhibition ” ARTELIT “, “C. Brâncuşi” Exhibition Center;”Moldovan master”, International Art Symposium from Heviz, Hungary and Austria etc.
V. Butnarciucbelongs to the generation of artists, who are deepening in modern architecture in order to express her vision and concept in fine-arts language. Her entire creation is guided by the mysteries and visions gained during the process of theinfinite artistic search and schooling fundamentals from Chisinau. Convinced of the importance of work perseverance and the power of art-works which exhibit improvisation as the result of a long and permanent exercise, the artist is distinguished by the compositional originality and the unique chromatic spectrum, which she is using with a pronounced aesthetic taste. The art-works, regardless of the subjects approached, either portraits or static natures, fit perfectly into the harmony supremacy of compositional structures and the pure proportions of the chromatic range. The themes of the art-works impress by originality and its modern style.
The paintings express an organic blend of the native schooling traditions and the experiences of modern artistic culture, the technique is playing also a fundamental role and an indispensable trend in the achievement of her masterpieces.
Artist’s excellency is displayed by virtue of the portraits series “Eyes”, which symbolize the expressiveness of the state, the spiritual experiences, all combined with modern artistic skills and vision, emphasizing the expressiveness achieved through the elements of fine-arts language. By means of the “Static Nature” series, the artist concern of the chromatic harmony and the expressiveness of the fine-arts means is evidenced, each painting is being treated by another substratum of ideas. At the first glance the artful conception is interpreted with simplicity by supporting value ratios. The apparent simplicity which is found in the compositions of the author is the result of the middlemost nature study.Possessing color shades of calm and elegance herart-works dignify the viewer’s eyes, streaming into the world of beauty. In the realization process of this type of art, V. Butnarciuc emphasizes the principle of compositional dynamics. The clarity of the forms make possible the perception of the art-works, and the numerous tonalities here and there contrasting draw attention to the compositional center of apple and flowers. Delicacy, warm attenuated colors award nobility to the represented figurative elements – apple, flowers etc., and the compositions maintain the claire-obscure as an expression element.
Due to the rich experience shown by Valentina Butnarciuc, she imposes herself in the artistic and foreign environment by way of participation and organization at the cultural events incountries like Hungary, Austria, Poland, Romania etc.
Throughout her activity for her outstanding merits, she was awarded with a first degree diploma at the exhibition of the “Moldovan Master” International Symposium, Hungary, Austria (2017), the second degree diploma for productive activity in the development of culture, Sadova, Republic of Moldova (2016 ), she is the holder of 11 diplomas, 9 of which are international (Poland, Hungary, Romania).
Natalia Procop,
PhD. in arts,
Institute of Cultural Patrimony of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova